Lodge Visitations


Brothers visit Minnesota River Valley Lodge to capture Templar Lodge Flag



WB Dale Lillevold Observes Michigan Master Mason Degree

On Thurday July 29th, WB Dale Lillevold observed a Master Mason Degree at Empire Lodge #597 in Empire, Michigan.
  Dale was the guest of WB Norm Gidcumb of Benzie Area Lodge #444.  Commenting on it, Dale observed ,”I was able to experience ritual done in Michigan and while there were some slight differences, in the end, it was the same.”

Pictured are WB Jim Larson, secretary of Benzie Lodge, WB Dale Lillevold, and WB Norm Gidcumb, WM of Benzie Lodge.
While at dinner, WB Dale noticed a the Grand Master’s Pin  for MI –
Can you guess what TV Series he’s a fan of?


Bringing our Gavel Home
Wayzata went to retrieve one of their traveling gavels from Templar Lodge #176.  It had been in their possession since around 2004.  During our visit we were privileged to watch a brother being raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.  Pictured are Verl Raap, Charlie Leflar, WB Dale Lillevold, WB Alan Betker (Master of Templar Lodge), Mike Stattman, Leonard Andrews (Not shown:  Tim Jirak).

WM Dale Lillevold and Senior Deacon Tim Jirak visited WM Dave Kampf and Cataract Lodge #2 on June 9th to promote the Wayzata Golf Tournament.

WM Dale Lillevold visited Mound Lodge #320 to watch an EA degree.

Pictured:  Area Deputy WB Lee Dorholt who was in the East for the Degree, WM Dale Lillevold, and District Rep WB Dean Dorholt who is Master of Mound Lodge.

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