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If you are a visitor to our website or you were a visitor to our lodge – sign in by leaving a comment.  We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Brethren of Wayzata Lodge,
    Greetings from Johannesburg South Africa
    I am indeed excited to make contact with you and hope all is well? Our Lodge has just launched a new website and welcomes visitors we would be pleased to hear from you.

    I wish you well

    1. Thankyou Brother Dusten Retcher for visiting our webpage of Wayzata Lodge 205! Visit us again, as we have a vibrant lodge of brothers that love to do the ‘work of the lodge’.
      – Bro. Verl W. Raap, WM, 32º

  2. Hi bretheren i was having a late night browse on google and discovered this site as i typed my lodge No in.

    so i bring fraternal greetings from lodge 205 on the roll of the Grand roll of scotland Lodge Garthland St Winnoch

    Bro Alan Mackenzie JD

    1. Bro. Mackenzie,

      Thank you for the kind words and fraternal greatings.

      When I first checked the messages your name, Alan Mackenzie, jumped out at me. I had worked with an Alan Mackenzie from your part of the world while I was in the semiconductor industry. Could it be the same Alen?

      Bro Curt Quast SD
      Wayzata #205

  3. What nights do you folks meet? I have just moved to the Metro from Duluth.

    PWM David G. Hogan
    Lake Superior Lodge #289

  4. 2010/08/05 at 7:33 am
    One of the great privileges we enjoy as Freemasons is the ability to travel and sit with brethren in lodges other than our own. My visit last night to Wayzata Lodge No. 205 was emblematic of the brotherhood of Freemasonry. This summer I have had the honor of visiting several lodges in various jurisdictions outside my home. Wayzata was certainly one of the most enjoyable and memorable of those. Thank you for your hospitality. I hope my fellow Pennsylvania Masons may be able to return the favor to some of your members should they travel in our area.
    Richard F. Muth, WM
    Parian Lodge
    No. 662
    Beaver Falls, PA

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